About Us

Meet Sam...

Crazy cat lady. Crazy dog lady. Crazy camera lady. There was only ever one job to suit me!

All our pets are so wonderfully unique. They change our lives. Their time with us is far too short and every second spent with them is precious. Capturing their personalities in photographs to treasure for years to come – that’s my drive. 

The Dream Team


The Matriarch.

This girl rules our house with love and the occasional howling plea for attention.  11 years old and going strong, Jessie keeps the little man, Leo, in line and can always be relied on to keep a watchful eye on those pesky pussycats.


The Demon.

The latest little (but not for long) addition to our little family of weirdos. Pastimes include olympic level ankle biting, water bowl tipping and cardboard shredding. Can drool 32x his own body weight within 30 seconds of getting in the car.


The Face Nuzzler.

Our Jacky is strong and independent.  Until, of course, anyone in his house tries to do anything vaguely productive. Then he must have all your attention and he must have it immediately.
Ignore him at your peril.


The Cutie.

Jack’s sister, Molly, is our little sweetie. Despite her insistence upon drinking from your glass of water and refusal to let you sleep until she’s had her belly rub every night, this little munchkin is impossible not to adore.

Its your pet's time to shine...