Mum & Me - Project

Mums are always behind the camera, trying to capture every second as their child grows up.

When was the last time you got in front of the camera with your little ones?

When was your last photograph with your mother?

Most mums don’t see their everyday lives as glamorous. Days, months, years pass by with precious little proof to show for them. Its time for mothers to start existing in photographs for you and your children to treasure for many years to come. 

This year, we are running a project with the aim of photographing 50 mothers with their children. We will showcase the natural connection between the most magical and enduring relationship there is. We are inviting all local mothers to bring their children, young and old, to join us for a complimentary session to celebrate motherhood as it is to you and your family.

How does it work?

These Mum & Me portrait sessions will be 30-60 minutes, and will  be held on location in the local area. After the session, you will receive a framed print of your choosing along with the digital file. There is an option to purchase additional images if you wish.  Grandmothers are welcome to come along – just let us know when booking your session. 


If you have any questions about the project or booking your session, contact us here